Coaching and Mentoring

Investing in one-to-one leadership development can be truly transformational and is goal orientated leading to fresh thinking, innovation and new ways of working. It empowers senior leaders to unlock their potential.

Executive coaching and mentoring is a value for money, practical and powerful way of developing exceptional leadership, positive relationships between stakeholders and a culture based on your organisational values. Quite simply, it's a reframing of how leaders and managers can work with individuals and teams.

Increasingly, senior leaders are using a combination of individual coaching/mentoring alongside team coaching/mentoring with a focus on the whole team developing together, to become a high performing team.

A coaching/mentoring approach is particularly useful when people have already completed traditional training (workshops and qualifications etc) because it is so individual focused.

Some examples of how organisations we have worked with, have used coaching/mentoring include:

  1. To support the achievement of a personal development plan
  2. A safe confidential space for leaders to explore current challenges.
  3. A support and challenge relationship for leaders
  4. As part of a 360 degree appraisal
  5. As part of succession planning
  6. The development of an organisational strategy and change management
  7. Identifying and imbedding a leadership philosophy and culture
  8. As a supervisor for internal coaches/mentors
  9. In developing a high performing senior leadership team