Leadership and Management

Leadership is not just about being a more experienced manager, it's about being an effective manager, it is a way of thinking and acting. In today's busy dynamic and diverse organisations, it is vital people develop these skills and the self-awareness of when and how to use them, at an individual and organisational level.

The role of leading and managing people is increasingly important. Organisations must continually develop managers into leaders of people and teams.

Leaders and managers give direction, support/challenge, facilitate and grow teams and individuals, this is something people learn and develop, it is not an inherited gift.

Organisations need to create an environment where a leadership and management style and ethos can flourish – it is a strategic decision. This is a proactive commitment to development, so that these skills are available when needed.

People grow organisations, because organisations grow people

What we do

Blue Edge offers a variety of programmes designed to equip and develop people on their journeys as leaders and managers so that they thrive in the future. This development can be with a wide group of leaders and managers (from different organisations) or more specifically focused on your own organisation, what's common is that both will create a platform of best practice and practical skills.

A range of modules and workshops are chosen as key elements of leadership and management today which focus on changing the way individuals work, building better organisations through better managers. Modules can be picked or developed to reflect your organisational needs.

Our courses are, first and foremost, designed to develop great leaders and managers. Some people choose to include a nationally recognised qualification which helps to reinforce peoples' learning.

In our experience, choosing to complete a qualification alongside your leadership and management development is very much a personal decision, based on the organisation and individual circumstances. We can help you explore the right option for you.