Strategic Impact and Consultancy

We work with your organisation's senior leaders and/or board members, drawing upon our experience working with numerous charities and public and private sector organisations, to support you in developing a mission, vision and values and then use them to inform your strategic plan.

Backed up with research conducted by Blue Edge or your own research, we will help you develop a strategic plan, which is meaningful, clear, concise, understood, relevant and bought into.

This can include team development days, so that people understand the strategic process and why it’s important to the organisation and its stakeholders. This helps to understand and address any concerns, encourages people's ideas and builds a two way commitment for future delivery of the strategy.

We can use this same approach to develop:

  1. An organisational change plan
  2. A people strategy
  3. A departmental plan
  4. A training and development plan
  5. A competence framework
  6. Recruitment and Selection Support

We offer a bespoke recruitment and selection service at any stage in the recruitment process. From the development of a job description, person specification and advertising. Through to the assessment of candidates and the final selection of suitable candidates for interview.